Cheap eats: Swiss chard pasta

This is the second post in a series on delicious, homemade food that lets me eat well for a good price! This recipe came from a local farmer at our farmer’s market. We were buying beets, and the farmer asked if we wanted the stems or not. Being the city folks that we were, we had no idea of how to answer that question. “Um… well, what can we do [...]

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Do coupons save money?

Like many personal finance questions, this one is exactly that: personal! There are plenty of websites around that do coupon match-ups; that means, they match up store sales [...]

Good reasons to work a “regular” job

There’s a lot of positive talk about working for yourself. Be it freelancing in your field, writing, blogging professionally, consulting, or starting your own business, [...]

Are you eligible for maternity leave?

Unfortunately, the United States has rather slim laws for new mothers. Maternity leave in the US is shorter than in most other countries, and it’s unpaid.  Your employer  [...]

The intersections of frugality, environmentalism, health, and community

I noticed a few years ago that many of the blogs I read were overlapping, all suggesting similar things to do to improve your life. The thing was, I wasn’t reading just [...]

Your benefits at work!

Benefits from your employer are non-cash compensation, and often there is much more included. Employers won’t usually hit you over the head to tell you about all your [...]

Pay student loans… while still in school?

Student loans are fabulous. Really fabulous. I might call them the only real “good” debt. Why? Because for a lot of people they make it possible to get an education that [...]

Yes, put more down on your house!

Many people’s biggest debt is their mortgage. Plenty of people talk about mortgage as “good” debt. In some ways, I agree with that. You get a tax deduction on your [...]

Specialty cooking can be pricey!

Cooking at home can certainly save you a lot of money. Eating at restaurants can be pricey! I love eating out, but only in certain circumstances. Those circumstances include [...]

A Woman’s Weakness: Gourmet Kitchen Cookwares

I adore kitchen stores! It all started when I was really learning to cook, the summer after I graduated college. I was reading all of these recipes and trying out tons of new [...]